Our world starts with Ricotta





It’s expressed in many delicious products

For many people, it’s just another product, but for us it was, and is, THE product: RICOTTA. We’ve expanded our range and today we produce ricotta, mascarpone, cream cheese and sweet creams, always based on the same ingredients: passion, expertise and innovation.
Elda Ricotteria products are available in a variety of versions and formats, from single portions to industrial packs.


It shows in our identity

Elda’s mission has always been to produce healthy, simple and custom-made foods using the most advanced technology. We have always prioritised Quality, Safety and respect for People and the Environment.


We invest in energy efficiency, safeguarding resources and reducing emissions.


Our people, installations and huge passion for our work make us flexible, able to respond rapidly to market demand.


Analysis and creativity, combined with new technologies, allow us to explore innovative ideas for healthy foods that are suitable for any lifestyle.

Get to know Elda

It’s shaped by our values

Our checks, research and sense of responsibility make all the difference.
Choosing Elda means trusting in a specialist company whose strengths lie in food safety, innovation and flexibility.

Transparency, ethics and respect for nature
Innovation and creativity
Technology and optimisation at the centre of every process
Qualitative research into raw materials for excellent products
Sustainability for people and the environment

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