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We’re crazy about Ricotta

You’ll love every spoonful

For us, every product is special: we take care of every detail, choose the highest quality ingredients and guarantee maximum food safety to offer you the best possible ricotta, mascarpone, spreadable cheese, ricotta-based creams and desserts.

Fresh ricotta

Cow’s milk ricotta

Delicate and versatile, the perfect balance of goodness and lightness.
100g | 250g | 450g | 1,5kg

Mixed sheep’s milk ricotta

Ideal for sweet recipes; you’ll be amazed at the flavour!

Organic ricotta

Creamy and natural, from certified organic farming
100g x2 | 1,5kg

Giulietta ricotta

A real delicacy, with the authentic rich flavour of bygone days

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Spreadable fresh cheese

Light and full of flavour, wonderful in hot and cold dishes. Super creamy!
100g | 1kg | 1,5kg



Soft and delicious, a foodie classic for use in numerous recipes.
250g | 500g | 1,5kg

Creams & Desserts

Ricotta with sugar for cannoli

Our legendary ricotta, perfectly sugared and in a convenient piping bag, ready to prepare the classic Sicilian sweet.
500g | 1kg

Cannoli kit  – 24 pieces

Make delicious cannoli in no time at all: the kit contains 24 artisan mini cannoli wafer tubes and our sweetened ricotta in a handy piping bag.
500g x24

Cannoli kit – 6 pieces

Cannoli that are always fresh and ready to assemble: 6 artisan mini cannoli wafer tubes and delicious sweetened ricotta in a convenient piping bag.
130g x6

Cream for cheesecake

A fresh and velvet-smooth ready-to-use cream based on spreadable cheese and sugar. Perfect for quick preparation of delicious cheesecakes and many other sweet delicacies.

“Ricomisù” ricotta cream
for tiramisù

An exquisite cream based on ricotta, sugar and egg, the perfect light and flavourful ingredient for tiramisù and other desserts. An excellent lower-calorie alternative to creme patissiere.

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Industrial formats

Ricotta for industry

Our speciality, in the perfect format for your business
10kg | 11kg

Vegetarian ricotta

Free from animal rennet, recommended for vegetarian recipes

Organic ricotta for industry

Classic, delicious and organically produced

Mascarpone for industry

The creamy cheese that enriches any sweet or savoury dish, in large format for food professionals

Spreadable fresh cheese for industry

Superb quality, great versatility

Ricotta with sugar

Ready to use, with the perfect balance of sweetness

IQF & Frozen

IQF ricotta

Our ricotta is frozen in small flakes using Individual Quick Freezing technology. It therefore has a long shelf life, ideal for distant markets, and accurate portion control, preventing waste.
1kg | 5kg

IQF mascarpone

Accurate portion control and long shelf life for our mascarpone, which is frozen in small flakes using exclusive Individual Quick Freezing technology. Ideal for distant markets.
1kg | 5kg

Frozen ricotta

Our special formulation means our Frozen ricotta has all the benefits of freezing (long life, freshness, practicality) while retaining all its creaminess.
1kg (sac à poche)

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Frozen mascarpone

Mascarpone in a Frozen format which prolongs shelf life. Our unique recipe means the product recovers all its creaminess when defrosted.
1kg (sac à poche)

Only Private Label

Private Label

All the quality of Elda is available for your brand too: discover the delicious specialities we can prepare for you.

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