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We provide the basics to make your work easier

4 reasons to choose Elda

Our experience, enterprise and creativity mean we can imagine and prepare numerous ricotta-based products. Elda is the perfect partner: fast, reliable and innovative.


We can create new products or adapt existing products to your needs, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of raw materials.

Production capacity

Our production is constantly growing and our state-of-the-art installations enable us to produce a wide range of products and formats.

Research and Development

In our view the best recipes are those that combine knowledge and innovation; this is why we invest time and money in our constant quest for quality, efficiency, originality and goodness.

Ethics and sustainable growth

A healthy workplace for our employees and a production process that respects nature and creates enough profit to sustain responsible growth.


Made to measure for you

We’re the experts in ricotta, ricotta-based products and mascarpone.

We work with a large number of Italian and foreign mass retailers, who choose us to produce their own Private-Label product lines. Controlled and certified raw materials, innovative and safe processes, great versatility and speed: these are our promises.


The best ingredients for your dishes

An essential ally in the kitchen. With our range for the HoReCa sector, we aim to offer the very best of our products in the most convenient and versatile format. That’s why we’ve created 1 kg and 1.5 kg packs and ready-to-use products; all you need is the chef’s touch.

Cow’s milk ricotta

Delicate and versatile, the perfect balance of goodness and lightness.

Ricotta with sugar for cannoli

A perfectly balanced ingredient for preparing this traditional Sicilian classic, in a convenient piping bag.

“Make a Cannolo” cannoli kit – 24 pieces

Make delicious cannoli in no time at all: the kit contains 24 artisan mini cannoli wafer tubes and our sweetened ricotta in a handy piping bag.
500g x24

Cream cheese sac a poche

Our delicious cream cheese in a handy 500gr piping bag.

Cream cheese

Light and full of flavour, wonderful in hot and cold dishes. Super creamy!


Soft and delicious, a foodie classic for use in numerous recipes.


Flavour and quality for the needs of industry

Solutions developed and designed for maximum practicality at large scale.
Choose from 10 kg bags, ideal for large-scale processing, and resealable 11 kg tubs, excellent for easy use and storage of the product.

Ricotta for industry

Our speciality, in the perfect format for your business

Vegetarian ricotta

Free from animal rennet, recommended for vegetarian recipes

Organic ricotta for industry

Classic, delicious and organically produced

Mascarpone for industry

The creamy cheese that enriches any sweet or savoury dish, in large format for food professionals

Cream cheese for industry

Superb quality, great versatility
10kg | 11kg

Ricotta with sugar

Ready to use, with the perfect balance of sweetness


To make all the difference has always been part of our DNA

Our checks, research and sense of responsibility make all the difference.
Choosing Elda means trusting in a specialist company whose strengths lie in food safety, innovation and flexibility.

Transparency, ethics and respect for nature
Innovation and creativity
Technology and optimisation at the centre of every process
Qualitative research into raw materials for excellent products
Sustainability for people and the environment

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