A long love story with Ricotta

That began many years ago

Grandfather Giuseppe’s plan, the dream of his son Lino and Lino’s wife Elda, our present: the story of Caseificio Elda is also the story of a family.


In 1917, grandfather Giuseppe Zerbato works producing cheese in the mountain region between Verona and Vicenza. In the sixties, his son Lino and Lino’s wife Elda open a small artisan cheese factory.


The Zerbato brothers embark on a new venture, abandoning cheese to concentrate solely on the production of ricotta.
Out of love for their mother, they name the new company after her: this is the start of Caseificio Elda.


Elda starts working with mass distribution, gradually changing from a small dairy business to an industrial company, and eventually becoming one of the three largest Italian producers.


The Elda product range expands with the introduction of spreadable cheese, mascarpone, creams for tiramisù and cheesecake, cannoli kits and many other specialities.


The factory grows to meet increasing market demand.

That can adapt to suit all needs

We can respond rapidly and individually to any request, thanks to our high production capacity, meticulous organisation and investment in Research & Development.

That’s based on innovation

From the outset, we’ve aimed to innovate and optimise technology, processes and management. This has allowed us to grow and offer increasingly high quality products and solutions.

Industry 4.0

From production to logistics, administration to management, everything is integrated in real time.
We use the best and most secure technologies to ensure continuity in our processes.

Investment in production processes

Directing energy and resources to the implementation of our production processes has been part of our approach since the very beginning.


In our sector, safety is not only an obligation, it’s also a responsibility. We have always ensured the highest safety standards through rigorous production protocols.


BRC, IFS, V-Label Vegetarian, ORGANIC, ISO 45001, SMETA 2-pillar, Legality Rating


Staff for research

In our laboratory at the heart of Elda, 10% of staff are employed in quality control and product development.


Years of research and development

An ongoing commitment to offer healthy, balanced foods in a safe and efficient manner.


Product families

Our collaboration with the world of science is a source of inspiration and pride, leading to new ideas and innovative applications.

That cares about quality

The best ingredients for the best products. This is why all our raw materials come from partners we know and trust, with whom we have longstanding relations.

In 2011 we invested upstream to ensure control over the whey production chain. A further guarantee of quality and safety for our customers and consumers.

That looks to the

We want to continue growing, but with our long-established respect for our surroundings: people, resources and land.

That wants to get to know you:
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