Goodness in crystal form

IQF & Frozen

IQF ricotta

Our ricotta is frozen in small flakes using Individual Quick Freezing technology. It therefore has a long shelf life, ideal for distant markets, and accurate portion control, preventing waste.
1kg | 5kg

IQF mascarpone

Accurate portion control and long shelf life for our mascarpone, which is frozen in small flakes using exclusive Individual Quick Freezing technology. Ideal for distant markets.

Frozen ricotta

Our special formulation means our Frozen ricotta has all the benefits of freezing (long life, freshness, practicality) while retaining all its creaminess.

Only Private Label
Frozen mascarpone

Mascarpone in a Frozen format which prolongs shelf life. Our unique recipe means the product recovers all its creaminess when defrosted.
1kg (sac à poche)

Only Private Label

To go further

Our dream is to make our products known right across the world. To do this we explored IQF and Frozen technologies: thanks to sophisticated temperature-reduction processes, our ricotta and mascarpone are frozen extreamely rapidly. This allows their goodness and freshness to be preserved intact, safely and for long periods.

quality in flakes

Our IQF range is produced using the exclusive Individual Quick Freezing process, in which small flakes of the product are frozen instantly and separately. This allows excellent portion control, prevents waste and keeps the product perfectly fresh and safe for 365 days.

long-lasting goodness

The ricotta and mascarpone in our Frozen range are chilled rapidly, preventing the formation of bacteria which may affect the product’s freshness and safety. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, Frozen products remain fresh and safe for up to 18 months, ready to be stored and used as needed, and retaining all their original flavour.

Our Guarantees

365 days shelf life
No water release on defrosting
Original flavour and quality intact
Safety guaranteed, even in long-term storage

Innovation has always been part of our DNA

Our checks, research and sense of responsibility make all the difference.
Choosing Elda means trusting in a specialist company whose strengths lie in food safety, innovation and flexibility.

Transparency, ethics and respect for nature
Innovation and creativity
Technology and optimisation at the centre of every process
Qualitative research into raw materials for excellent products
Sustainability for people and the environment

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