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Bruschetta with guacamole, tomato and Spreadable Fresh Cheese

A perfect snack for the summer season.

Course: Starter

crostone di pane integrale con guacamole e pomodori

VIDEO – Crust with guacamole, tomatoes and Elda Cream Cheese

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 15 min Servings: 1 Calories: -


A fast and tasty recipe.



For the guacamole

  1. Mash the pulp of the avocado with a fork.

  2. Add onion, chopped chili, mustard, salt and pepper.

  3. If desired, add a few leaves of coriander and mix all the ingredients to obtain a cream. Set aside the sauce.

Composition of the dish

  1. Cut a slice of wholemeal bread 1 cm thick and bake in the oven or toaster to make it crisp.

  2. Spread Fresco Spalmabile Elda, guacamole sauce and tomatoes with oil, salt and oregano.