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Mashed eggplants, ricotta and shrimp tails

Eggplants and shrimp tails are ingredients with a strong character, balanced by the gentle taste of the ricotta. A creative and original dish that won’t go unnoticed

Course: Main course

Course: Starter

Mashed eggplants, ricotta and shrimp tails

Difficoltà: Intermediate Tempo di preparazione 30 min Porzioni: 4 Calorie: 170


Pay particular attention while you will cook the shrimp tails: observe the colour changes on every side to turn them atthe right time.

To spice this recipe up, I advise to serve an intense and persistent white wine like a South Tyrol White Pinot or a “Pouilly-Fumè” from the Loire valley.



Preparing eggplants

  1. After having placed the whole eggplants on a baking tray, punch holes with a fork, to let the heat penetrate while baking;
  2. Put the baking tray into the hot oven at 375 °F (190 °C) for 45 minutes, until the eggplants will be well softened;
  3. Let them cool down and then open the eggplants in the middle. Keep their pulp, throwing away their skin.

Preparing the mashed eggplants

  1. Blend the eggplant pulp with the ricotta, some garlic, salt and pepper until you will obtain a creamy mash.

Preparing the shrimp tails

  1. Rinse the shrimp tails under running water, then peel them carefully;
  2. Cook the shrimp tails on a low heat with a little extra virgin olive oil, turning them after about 2 minutes;
  3. When they will become of a bright orange, add some salt and pepper to taste.

Composing the dish

  1. Put the mash on the base using a food ring mold, or a square one, and lay the shrimp tails on. Finally, add Extra Virgin Oil, quantum satis.