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Ring shaped cake

Typical “grannie’s recipe” that never goes out of style. Soft and simple to make, the ring-shaped is the classic cake that never disappoint anyone, to enjoy in every moment of the day.

Course: Dessert

Ring shaped cake

Difficoltà: Beginner Tempo di preparazione 55 min Porzioni: 1 Calorie: -


A slice of this cake is perfect even for the babies’ break at school because it remains soft and it is a very light snack. To make it tastier you can match it with our Ricomisù, or you can add some ingredients you like, as some candied fruit or chocolate chip.

I would match it with the sweet and warm, velvety but vibrant taste of an “albana di romagna” italian wine.



Preparing the dough

  1. Take a bowl and mix sugar with eggs using a whip;
  2. Incise the long side of the vanilla bean and use your knife to scrape and remove the little seeds to add to the dough. Then join the ricotta;
  3. Melt the butter (Don’t boil it) and amalgamate it to the compound with the milk;
  4. Strain the flour and mix it with the yeast, then join this compound to the dough using a wooden spoon.

Composing the ring-shaped cake

  1. Verse the dough into a buttered ring-shaped mold and bake at 340 F° (170 °C) for about 40 minutes;
  2. Cool it down before serving. Try to match it with our Ricomisù , a very light ricotta cream, perfect with a simple cake as this one;
  3. You can keep it soft in a bell jar for 3-4 days.