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Salmon roses with ricotta on crosted black bread

Alternatively to the salmon you should try to choose asmoked rainbow trout, low in fat, firmer and dryer.

Course: Starter

Salmon roses with ricotta on crosted black bread

Difficoltà: Intermediate Tempo di preparazione 20 min Porzioni: 4 Calorie: -


A creative idea to decorate your plate? Try with a bit ofextra virgin oil emulsified with some saffron powder andyou won’t regret it!



Preparing ricotta with chives

  1. Tent your Elda Ricotta with a strainer, then join it to your Elda Ricotta Spreadable;
  2. Grate on the compound the ½ untreated lemon zest and add the chives (roughly chopped), salt an pepper;
  3. Leave the compound to rest in the fridge pro about 30 minutes.

Preparing the salmon roses

  1. In the meanwhile take your salmon slices, cut it into slices of 3 cm width and lay them on a dish;
  2. Dress the salmon slices with little oil an;
  3. After the time set for the ricotta mixture, spread it on the salmon slices and then roll the latter into small roses.

Plate composition

  1. With a round pastry cutter, cut two croutons from each slice of black bread;
  2. Put a tuft of ricotta mixture on each crouton and then place a salmon rose on top.